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I sold my car.
How I've been thinking about so-called "AI"


I am going to break every single link on this website as a birthday treat and there's nothing you can do to stop me.
How's married life?


Everything the light touches
Great Northern
A Novel Corona
QRacking the code: what's inside a SafeWA code?
A brighter future: how whitening the Wheatbelt could cool the climate
Experiments in narrative generation
The Laundry Night Manifesto
*baking intensifies*
Underwater Understory: The south-west forest youíve never heard of
Why is Wave Rock shaped like a wave?
Hindsight is 2020


Two many tails: What happens when regeneration goes wrong?
Punctuating the silence
Preventing the aquokkalypse: How DNA could save a species
Why are astronomers deleting galaxies from their data?
Wheelie Weird: electric vehicles that are cooler than cars
How to build an electric racecar
What are the ingredients for a sweet sunset?
The motion of the ocean: tracking plastic pollution in our seas
The secret life of Perth traffic
Keeping an ear on the Swan Riverís dolphins
How the Bungle Bungles got their stripes
How it happened.
There is no 'back'
Living in the future


The physics of folding for flight
Zombie a-Perth-calypse: a WA survival guide
Behind the scenes: How Satellite Images Get To You


Spotting bodies from the skies
The Trouble With Rockets


Australia's getting a space agency - now what?

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