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Strange Things...

29 October 200604:02AMlife

Hey! This post is really old. You should take it with a grain of salt.


You will never guess where we ended up last night!

For some reason, I (and my family) ended up in Northbridge at the gay and lesbian Mardi gras! (It's actually called the Pride festival, but a gay and lesbian Mardi gras is what it was.) We had dinner at a really nice restaurant which had only been open two days called 'New Orleans' which supposedly served foor from said city, and they hadn't printed the menus yet and when we rang up to book they had (so my dad tells me) just finished interviewing the chef! That doesn't sound likely, but the menu bit at least was true. So anyway, we sat outside and watched a whole bunch of gays (and lesbians) wearing very... interesting costumes parade past us. It was a very culturally enlightening experience. COUGH!

Ollie vs Bill.

Anyways, there are two guys at school called- suprise suprise- Ollie and Bill. They are having this set of insanely stupid competitions but if you go to Shenton in Year 8 and you know who these two are go to Ollie Vs. Bill and vote for your favourite!

Cheers, :-D the Rockster :-D

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