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'Tis the season...

30 November 200612:50PMlife

Hey! This post is really old. You should take it with a grain of salt.


Christmas tree up tomorrow, lists to relatives in the next week, cards to class and teachers, the list goes on.

Anyways. Matt just got all of his books for Hale. It's one of those schools where you have to wear a different dorky uniform every day of the week. So that's weird.

Went to the Claremont street party tonight, just got back, It was really fun and I bumped into most of my class from primary school, although some of them were really stupid about it (Yes I mean you Tim A) Anyways, I got this pic of Nicole and Rupert and Ben and Coco posing together looking like they're going out and it's funny.

Signing off for now,

the Rockster

PS: This is my cool new siggy. I like it a lot and it took me no time at all to make... well, a bit of time, but not much.

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