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Camp... and something more serious.

21 November 200711:20PMliferants

Hey! This post is really old. You should take it with a grain of salt.

Weeeeell, us amazing awesome ATPs had another camp from which we have just got back. We went to Tammin, which is a little town on the Great Eastern Highway. View Larger Map

So anyway, apart from having to do things which bore more than a passing resemblance to schoolwork, it was quite an interesting trip. The general theme was sheep farming and wheat farming with an emphasis on issues like land clearing and salinity, and some of it is pretty terrible around there. The sheep bit was about artificial insemination, which got a few sniggers, especially the bits about the semen... Altogether very interesting and definitely worthwhile and despite the schoolwork, quite a bit of fun too.

However, while on camp, what with the federal election next weekend, conversation eventually turned to politics, at which point I noticed two things.

1. People aren't voting for or considering parties based on their policies or ideas. They are voting based on which leader they like best. It is no longer "I'm voting for Labor" (which shouldn't be spelled that way, btw), or "I'm voting Liberal"; it's "I'm voting for Kevin Rudd" and "I'm voting for John Howard". This suggests a disturbing shift towards voting only for leaders in the American style of things. Remember people, like it or not, the Queen is still your head of state and your 'leader', the party leaders are just that: leaders of their party. It's the whole damn team that counts, not just whether or not you like the leader.

2. At one point people were discussing which party they'd vote for, and someone asked a teacher which party they supported. Of course, they aren't allowed to say, but this led one person (who will remain nameless) that didn't really like the teacher (who will remain nameless) to comment to another (who will also remain nameless), "Oh, he's a lib". _AT WHICH POINT DID SOMEONE'S POLITICAL PARTY PREFERENCE BECOME AN INSULT!? _Over the course of the conversation several other people were 'bashed' because of their political views. Come on people, just cause somebody doesn't share your political opinion it doesn't mean they're wrong or misguided or stupid. An opinion is an opinion, whether it is on which brand of cereal is better or who will run the country, and you need to respect that. OTOH, it is a secret ballot, so maybe it is their fault for revealing their tendencies in the first place. Come on people, we live in a democratic society, if someone shares their opinion with you, YOU DAMN WELL RESPECT IT!

'I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it' - Voltaire (attrib.)

Right. Now I've got that off my chest.

Other than that, camp was great, and with that, I leave you.


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