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23 February 200801:34PMlinks

Hey! This post is really old. You should take it with a grain of salt.

A really interesting atricle here about Tetris, everyone's favourite game.

It talks about how people playing Tetris report seeing falling tetris blocks as they go to sleep- even amnesiacs who have completely forgotten that Tetris even exists. The really interesting bit was, I think, at the end, where they start questioning the brain: How we think of our conscious mind as being independent but our brain really has its own structural mechanisms and 'rules' by which it works.

This made me think; to what extent is independent thought governed by the structure of the brain? All of everything you think is governed by little bursts of chemicals in a fleshy pink blob? I think it's a lot less likely than you might think... or not think... depending on the structure of your brain and your neural pathways... ummmm... now I've confused myself...

It's an interesting read anyway.

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