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Essays, Easter and the Eee

24 March 200810:15AMlife

Hey! This post is really old. You should take it with a grain of salt.

Yes, I'm going with a themed post today. The letter E!

Essays First, I had to write 2 massive essays (1000 words each) on Joseph Conrad's _Heart of Darkness _plus a 500 word reflection. The English one was awesome, the S+E one, not so much. It seemed to get bogged down and I found myself writing around in circles. Anyway, they're done now, and I don't want to think about them any more and I can enjoy the rest of my long weekend, which brings me to....

Easter Yes, it is that time of year again, of chocolates and rabbits and _easter egg hunts!? _For some inexplicable reason, the Thursday before easter all the neighbours decided to have a street curry night (cuz that really has a lot to do with easter...) and yours truly was given the last minute duty of organizing an easter egg hunt in the local park for about 15 kids. Most of them were ok, but there were a couple who were a real handful, you know the type, running around stealing other people's eggs etc. etc. Anyway, by the end of it I was suitably stressed and it took 3 dishes of curry and an easter egg to calm me down. Also, the maths teacher gave us no homework (a first) because of the 'easter spirit' which I was going to point out probably had more to do with hanging people on crosses and stabbing them while releasing murderers but then I thought twice about it, as I would probably have had a page or 6 of maths to do on top of my essays. Anyway.

The Eee In other words, the most awesome computer ever put on the face of the planet. Kicks the Macbook Air's shiny stylish butt! I want one, as soon as I can get my butt into a job I'm gonna save up and buy one... CUZ THEY'RE AWESOME! Seriously.

TTFN (that's ta ta for now in internet speak)

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