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Melting, Melting... (canada trip day 5)

11 April 200801:16PMmatt-in-canada

Hey! This post is really old. You should take it with a grain of salt.

Skiing wasn't so good today, the 16 degree weekend is starting to show itself and the freezing level is slowly rising to 2800 feet and whistler is nowhere near that high. The backside of the mountain was ok because there's some new gladed runs and another ski lift down there and we went to try them out. Speaking of trying out, the ski and snowboard festival had a ski rental pavilion on the top of the mountain so dad borrowed some K2 apache crossfires for us to try and they were great. The shaper edges and newer skis in general really make a difference. We got our skis waxed and sharpened but the difference compared to the new skis was ok but not fantastic. Dad's now obsessed with those skis and hopes to buy some when we get home.

Time to go to bed now in any case, sleep time

Bye for now,


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