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Troubles... (Canada trip day#2)

09 April 200812:54AMmatt-in-canada

Hey! This post is really old. You should take it with a grain of salt.

Hi Everyone!

Just posting to keep you up to date on our trip.

We arrived in Canada at around midday and flew through customs before topping it off with a huge wait for our rent-a-car.

Once we got going we had three mini pizzas between us from a market and then started the drive to whistler. Got here and tried out skis and suits, then ran into pc problems.

Dad's pc's wireless carked it so we scrounged an Ethernet cable and plugged straight into the modem. (I told him I should have bought mine)

e-mailed my bro to find out how to put pics on blogger and will hopefully soon put up a visual update.

Until then,


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