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Sweet freedom (for 2 weeks anyway)

29 September 200811:54AMlife

Hey! This post is really old. You should take it with a grain of salt.

The school holidays are here already/finally. I have some stuff planned. I'm going to the Royal Show tomorrow with a couple of old primary school friends. Already been to the pool and the beach (it's getting towards summer) and been badly sunburnt (it's getting towards summer). Dad went fishing on the boat and caught a couple of squid and skippy (it's getting towards summer). Dad's domestic goddess is baking cakes... what this has to do with summer I do not know.

I'm reading around the place that the latest fashion in blogging is to post a screenshot of your desktop... well here is me obliging. You can't argue with the fashion, after all. (click to embiggen.)

Except there's normally more windows open than that...

That's about all I think. There might not be any posts for a while cause I'll be busy, you know, enjoying the holidays. Another update in at least 2 weeks, or maybe before if I get desparately bored.


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