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Holidays, internets, and exchanges

14 October 200811:34AMlife

Hey! This post is really old. You should take it with a grain of salt.

So the holidays are over, and that measn that a summary is in order:

That's about it for the holidays. Matt's were made a lot more interesting by his new 'girlfriend', who he insists isn't but really is.

Anyway, on on Monday men from Telstra came and connected us up to cable! Hello, 8 Megabits a second! It's a nice change from being unable to use the net at all due to Matt's torrenting.

Finally, I made first contact with my French exchange student from Reunion island (there's an accent on the e but I can't make Firefox do it...) and he seems nice enough, as nice as someone can seem from one four-line email anyway. I'm seriously looking forward to this, he's coming in late December for a whole month, and I'm going over there July next year. Should be awesome!

That's about all then,


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