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I'm an UNYAN!

31 October 200801:58PMlife

Hey! This post is really old. You should take it with a grain of salt.

Hi all. Just a quick note before I go to sleep (it's been a long day)

Firstly, yesterday me and a couple others went to the zoo during school time and looked at the animals we grow food for in our shadehouse. That was good.

Today, I went to an UNYA thing (my first one ever). UNYA is the United Nations Youth Association (of WA). It was a day forum on world disarmament and it was quite interesting. A few others from my school went. I'd also like to go to their State Conference next year having had a taste, the State Conference is basically a massive 3-day mock UN general assembly. Apparently its a lot of fun, so I'll get some more info on that and possibly join in. UNYA sort of is to Society and Environment what the Maths Olympiads are to Maths. Not compulsory, not related to school but good if you enjoy the subject (like I do).

Plus, it was halloween. I went out with my mates but didn't really do all that much door-knocking candy-grabbing, it was more just an excuse to dress up as a pirate. Any excuse'll do! Photos later.

That's about all for now,

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