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Braces and the End of Term

17 December 200811:02AMlife

Hey! This post is really old. You should take it with a grain of salt.

But this time, I had them taken off! It's a bit weird. My teeth feel all slimy and the inside of my mouth feels like somethings missing, and I keep going to clear gunk out with my tongue and theres nothing there. It's definitely nice to have them off though.

Meanwhile at school, the last few days have been (as expected) pretty slack. We played hangman in maths, had trivia quizzes in science and spent all of English and S+E working on an ATP yearbook / magazine since we're so cool, and also since this is the last year we're actually ATPs (ATP being the academic talent program for those who don't know). It's going to be interesting to see the reactions when some of us are undoubtedly outperformed by those previously in mainstream, particularly in subjects we might not be that good at. One of the negatives of separating the 'smart kids' is that the mainstreams see us as some kind of hyper-intelligent god class, to the point where anyone acting like a smart-ass gets the standard "What are you, an ATP or something?!". This and the social bit of being singled out for literally being smarter than everyone else has also I suspect rubbed up against some people the wrong way. But... Despite being the social outcasts and the butt of various jokes and insults, I think ATP has been a great experience. It's really good be be in a group where people understand your jokes, your actual interest in lessons and your odd interests and hobbies. It's been great, but I look forward to doing my selected subjects next year. It'll be different, but (I hope!) just as rewarding as ATP. Thanks to everyone involved in ATP, the students and teachers and whoever else, despite our complaining it actually has been a lot of fun.

Well that quick note turned into a bit of a diatribe on ATP. My sincere apologies. Please no nasty comments.

If you read this far, you deserve a trophy. Yes. A trophy.

That would be all. Goodnight!

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