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French exchange, butter skates, and a question on the postal system.

20 January 200910:37AMlife

Hey! This post is really old. You should take it with a grain of salt.

Right. So over the last few... well, it was a month actually, I had a French exchange student staying with me. All in all, it was good. Not brilliant, but good. It would have been better if he maybe tore himself away from the computer/Xbox (okay, a bit of an exaggeration there, but he was probably on it a bit too much) and if he acted a little less disinterested... But he was nice, and the exchange was nice, and the whole thing was... interesting and enjoyable. The really fun part is when I get to go to La Reunion (there's an accent on the 'e' but I can't make Firefox do it. But I digress.) and hopefully see the volcano. When I was around 6 or 7 I was a volcano nut, you see, and I wanted to be Vulcanologist - a volcano scientist - when I grew up. I don't any more, but the fascination with volcanoes I guess I still have, because the thought of seeing one gives me the jeeblies... the good kind of jeeblies.

So yeah, tomorrow being my 16th birthday and all (yeah, sprung that one on ya real good!) we naturally went shopping for some stuff to eat. And I found myself staring longingly at the butter blocks wondering if I could ever get away with strapping a pair to my shoes and going butter skating. This thought- or rather urge, has never occurred to me before, so I'm wondering where it came from. If anyone is missing any butter-skating related thoughts, I found them for you in Coles in Claremont. I might take them for a spin first though, before I give them back to you. Butter skating sounds fun...

And finally, my annual birthday card from my grandparents has arrived, a few days early, as usual. I haven't opened it yet, because you can't open a birthday card before your birthday, but I expect it will have the same kind of 'carpe diem' stuff as usual written in it, along with some kind of ostensibly witty remark, all written in block letters. Just as usual. Another thing which is just as usual is this: They always insist on writing our address as 7 [hahaha I'm not that stupid you creepy stalker] way, instead of place, as it's meant to be. This leads me to question: how badly can you mangle somebody's address before the postal system (envelope readers? posties? Who knows, the postal system works in mysterious, albeit quite efficient ways... I love letters, I must send more of them.) chokes and dies. Could you substitute single letters for double letters? Horrendously misspell things? Replace 'way' with something totally outrageous, like 'boulevard' or 'ridge crescent' (yes, there is a street called something 'rdg crscnt' in Perth)... This sounds like a job for Science!

So with that, I leave you. I have a statistically significant sample of envelopes to prepare. Another blog tomorrow probably. Maybe even with photos, you lucky dogs!


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