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Crunchy Time!

05 February 200901:15PMlife

Hey! This post is really old. You should take it with a grain of salt.

So, here I am. Just less than one week into year 11. There's sort of... a feeling of inevitability now. Like school is going to go charging forwards and whether or not I manage to make it out alive is a matter of chance. It feels like... the safety bars on the roller-coaster just came down, and the carriages are about to start ratcheting their way up to the the first big hump, and you're locked in without any way off, taken along for the ride... and yet you're still not entirely sure that you want to be on the roller- coaster in the first place.

I can see a few things definitely happening in the next two years. Aside, that is, from possibly more stress than any sane human can handle. I can see failure coming, I don't know where from, but it will come. Possibly because I'm not entirely ready for this whole thing. I can see having less time for friends, socialising, random internet surfing and doing nothing. I guess I should prioritise my friends over random internet surfing and try to spend more time with them outside of school, since it looks like my time inside of school is going to be increasingly hectic. I'd like to think that maybe that could draw us closer together, but maybe that's just me. I sure picked a great time to decide to want a social life... damn. I can see (literally, on the course outlines) several huuuuuuuge crunch times, several all-nighters and maybe some 7am hair-pulling-out.

And then there's the classes. All of mine have actually been great so far, but the one that really sticks in my head is ancient history. Possibly partly due to my fascination with ancient stuff (and some existing knowledge, which is nice), but the small class size is definitely a plus as well. I can easily see Ancient history becoming the highlight of my day, followed closely by Lit and Media (are you supposed to capitalise subject names?).

Anyway, what I'm going to try to do is keep writing this stuff. I think it helps me to get my messy thoughts a bit more ordered and maybe get some stuff off my mind. I guess it would also be nice to have a record of this time to look back on, in case there are any nuggets of humour, golden moments, awesome quotes... that sorta stuff, which is always useful when yearbooks roll around. The other things I think I'll keep doing are my piano, which is actually very relaxing, no, relaxing is not really the right word. When I play I get into a 'zone' where stuff stops mattering, which is nice, and might be useful to de- stress. It also adds to my evil genius personality, mwa-ha-ha! The other thing would be archery, which despite taking valuable Sunday study time, is just plain fun, and I really like the people there. So I'll keep doing all those 3 things, maybe even doing more of them than I did before.

Finally, I have the problem (if you could call it that, some wouldn't) that I have no idea what to do with myself after I finish school, despite having picked subjects. I sort of hope something will suggest itself to me, otherwise I might have to travel or something while I make up my mind. Actually, that wouldn't be so bad... but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Basically, as of now on, it's crunchy time.

(If you made it through that slab-o-waffly-text, you deserve a cookie and a handshake. Well done!)

That's all from me for now. Wish meh luck!

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