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Most Likely.

22 February 200901:55PMlife

Hey! This post is really old. You should take it with a grain of salt.

So, I'm now precisely three weeks into year eleven, and I feel the need to write some more pointless fluff about it. But, instead of my usual scintillating long form musings, since it's late at night and I'm tired (mentally at least) from writing an essay all day I shall attempt to convey my thoughts in a series of horridly pop-psychology-ish "Most Likely To..." questions and answers.

The subjects: Most likely to be absolutely fascinating and awesome: Ancient history. Most likely to spend more time on a tangent than on work: Literature. Most likely to be nowhere near as boring as I thought: Maths Most likely to be friends with everyone by the end of the year: French Most likely to be tedious and fun at the same time: Physics Most likely to be the most fun I've had all day: Media Most likely to get dropped for year 12: Physics or French Most likely to be useful for the TEE: Physics or French Most likely to get downgraded to a lower stream: Maths Most likely to be raving about on here: Ancient History or Lit Most likely to have results and projects posted here: Media

The People: Most likely to cruise through the whole thing: Andrew Most likely to switch subjects: Coco (she's already done it once) Most likely to panic and then do really well: Jillian Most likely to realise they're in over their heads when it's too late: Liam Most likely to go insane from stress: Alex Beerli Most likely to drift through without trying really, but still do okay (as distinct from cruising, which is trying but not stressing): Graham Most likely to do better than they expect: Ben Deeks Most likely to leave assignments to the night before: everyone! Most likely to leave assignments to 3am the morning before: Liam, only because he never sleeps. Ever. Most likely to decide halfway through that they'd rather be a tradie: Lochie Most likely to decide halfway through that they'd rather be a hairdresser: Sam Westhoff, even though she probably hates hairdressing.

The Teachers: Most likely to argue with in a good way: Mr. P Most likely to argue with in a bad way: Mr. McRae Most likely to send me to sleep: none of them, fortunately! Most likely to be BFFLs (I believe that's the right phrase?): Madame Deveaux Most likely to have dark secrets and interesting stories we'll never hear: Mr. Gibbney Most likely to fail us on the entire course for spelling 'plebeians' wrong: Mr. Gibbney again. Most likely to hand out 'tough love': Madame Spearman Most likely to hand out a downright fail: Ms. Merante Most likely to have me forgetting his name all year: Mr Physics Teacher Man (Cause there's another teacher with a really similar name and I can't quite put my finger on what it is... not Roberts... T... To... Thomson! As opposed to Mr. Thomas, who is also a science teacher, but of the inferior discipline of biology.)

That's about it for now. I promise less terse Q&A stuff later... I have this really good idea for a post about architecture and literary works, but I need to trawl for lots of pictures, and now is not the time.)

That's all. Sleep time now. KTHXBAI.

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