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On lack-of-videos and Daylight Savings.

30 March 200910:12AMlife

Hey! This post is really old. You should take it with a grain of salt.

Last Sunday- oh wait, yesterday- We all gathered ourselves up and went to Kings park with the intent of filming some kind of movie.

I'd kitted myself out with Dad's ancient DV tape video camera (the only tape camera in the entire group... the other 3 had hard drives. I felt so nostalgic). It was actually a lot of fun, we had a good time with tomato sauce blood and documentaries about rubber fish attacks, and finished off with a mad hunt for water on our way to the DNA tower.

'Great, Rockwell', I hear you say, 'Let's see and hear of these exploits on your glorious film'. And therein lies the problem: Well, you can't. See, what I'd failed to do before filming the day's events (I was doing more of a record of the event than an actual film, which I thought would be more interesting due to our poor acting/filming skills) was check that said ancient camera actually worked. It recorded the video just fine, but the audio left something to be desired. It didn't as such exist, you see. So that is why over the next few days you'll see everyone else coming out with funny amateur films/goofy scenes and skits/cute montages, and I won't have any. I was there, I had a camera, but to my eternal shame it didn't record any of my witty lines. Ha. Ha.

Also the other day (ie, Sunday), daylight savings finally ended.

The state government seems to want it more than anyone else, with something like 4 referendums (all which said no) and then, even after many refusals, proposed another referendum after a 3 year trial. This is the final year of that 3 year trial. I actually don't mind either way about daylight savings, except that resetting all the clocks twice every year is quite irritating. Also, something about making totally arbitrary changes to the time just for some reasons that really aren't that well defined doesn't sit well with me. The time is, well, the time, and you can't diddle with it just because you feel like it. Messing around with time is a serious job which should be left to experts (lololDeLoreanTARDIStimelinerelativityblackholesandwormholestheoreticalphysicslolol).  Also, what's with the name? "Daylight Savings"? What, you save up your daylight for a rainy day or something? Heh. Rainy day... geddit?

Moving on, 2 weeks until the end of term! I NEEDS HOLIDAYS QUITE BADLY! My brain feels all icky and burnt out. I should in fact be doing homework right now but I can't focus at all. Maybe I should do that.

That's about all methinks. Methinks. Now there's a word that doesn't get out much...

-- Rockwell

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