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Freezing bloody cold.

22 May 200908:27AMlife

Hey! This post is really old. You should take it with a grain of salt.

Today... was absolutely bloody freezing! It rained altogether too much and at exactly the wrong times- ie, it started as soon as we started riding up the hill and finished as soon as I stepped in the door at home (how's that for a narrative-based climate... I am clearly the main character here.) So aside from the raindrops the size of gumballs, there was this awful wind. It wasn't a nice amiable breeze, oh no. This was what Sandra from archery likes to call a 'lazy wind'. That is, it is embittered and hates its life and can't be bothered obeying traditional laws of aerodynamics and such and so it blows straight though you. I mean it, this was a nasty wind. It was a wind with_ intent._

On the warm and fuzzy side of things though, we had an ex-ATP-get-together- type-thing after school today! At first we were skeptical, suspecting another of Mr. Hill's diabolical schemes, perhaps a survey to harvest our fresh, untainted opinions to use as fuel in the ever-burning infernal fires of his eternal propaganda machine... but it wasn't. It was a pleasantly helpful round-table discussions, complete with speaking orders and The Knifeā„¢ and a small 'tick-the-boxes' survey, which seemed fairly harmless (but we must still remain ever-vigilant...), rounded off nicely with a good old chat and free muffins and juice courtesy of Mr. P taking them from the canteen. As far as what we talked about, it seemed mostly to find out what they could do better a) to help us this year and b) what they could have done last year, which was a bit late really, but I guess they have this year's and next year's ATPs to think about. So that was okay.

I should also be doing more actual work, but I'm not, because we just got a new computer, and we can't eat for a month to pay for it (actually, we paid for it with Das Keiv's "free money" (a dubious economic policy if ever there was one, but who's complaining), but the sentiment is there. I *was prepared to go without food anyway. The old computer was, frankly, rubbish.)

I've just realised that the title I picked right at the start of this post no longer represents the majority of the content, but it's a good title so I'll stick with it, I guess. I always seem to write about it when it rains, probably becuase it doesn't happen anywhere near as much as it should.

And my paragraphs are getting shorter and shorter, so I guess I should go and work on Ancients homework, or Lit homework, or something.

Roof tiles. (<-- Ancients In-Joke)

Live Long and Prosper, everyone.

It's a bit like the Ancient Romans really, they got elected to office, handed out armies, passed laws all by offering the masses free 'corn' (which was what they called wheat), and whichever candidate offered the most corn and colonies and other stuff along *with their law as a sweetener got it pased... some things never change. Also, whee, footnotes!

Edit: Whoa, I just realised that this is my 100th post on this blog! Don't I get a letter from the Queen or something?

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