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On Charity day and Star Trek and being totally snowed under.

08 May 200912:00PMlifereview

Hey! This post is really old. You should take it with a grain of salt.

So today was Charity day, the least educational of all school days. No, really. I don't even know what our charity is this year, although I did miss the assembly because I was frantically stirring waffle batter. The waffles sold like hotcakes (ha.) by the way, we ended up converting crepe mix into waffle mix thanks to our extremely talented teacher Mme Desveaux (je t'aime, madame!). Although dropping the price probably helped to sell a few of them, I think we can reasonably make the assumption that people like waffles. A startling revelation, I know, but entirely true nonetheless. Unfortunately I may have ruined my Lit mark by (entirely accidentally and without meaning any offense whatsoever) offended Mr. P. by... erm. Calling his subject waffle in our ads. WHICH IT ISN'T LIT IS AWESOME, AND ALLOWS US TO TRULY EXPLORE THE PINNACLE OF HUMANKIND'S INTELLECTUAL ACHEIVEMENT AND OUR STRIVE FOR PLACE IN A CHAOTIC UNIVERSE! (Please don't fail me Mr. P!)

And then after Charity day we went to see Star Trek (the new one) and even though it was the day after opening day the cinema was totally deserted (probably because it was 4 in the afternoon) and the only other person there was an old guy and his family who glared at us for talking too loudly in the ticket line. Anyway, Star Trek was awesome. It blew my freaking mind. I think I'll probably go and see it again, maybe twice, and I'm so buying the DVD and watching it to death when it comes out. My favourite parts were the bits where they used classic lines from the original ("Beam me up, Scotty" and "I'm givin' her all she's gawt, Keptin!" being perfect examples) and somehow managed to have a coherent plot whilst still managing to introduce every single member of the original series crew (woot Scotty! And Chekov! And Uhura! And... the whole damn lot of them!) and the choices of actors were particularly brilliant. Also special effects win. One complaint, it was very Jason Bourne with the camerawork, the camera moves a lot, especially in space, but not enough to ruin the movie, so that's okay.

Finally for this post, I am snowed under with an ancient history assignment, a debate, a maths investigation, a media project and a Lit (does lit have a capital?) portfolio to do. So I should be writing them and not this, especially since I'm the only one in the house tonight, everyone else being at parties or the Hale School year 10 social. sigh

I should probably go.

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