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Exams, and a Minor Epiphany.

11 June 200907:34AMlife

Hey! This post is really old. You should take it with a grain of salt.

Blows dust off blog

I haven't posted for the better part of a month, which I think may be the longest time without an update on record. Worrying. But I do have good reason - the mountainous molehill that is Year 11 Exams. Nobody seems entirely able to decide whether or not they matter, but that you should definitely work your butt of just in case the Curriculum Council decides they do. So I have been dilligently working my butt off for my 6 TEE (or whatever they replace it with...) subjects.

Prior to exam week, there was an assessment free week, which means that the week before that was totally full of essays, assignments, write-ups, and tests in various shapes and forms. Then the study week, for studying. Then, over the last few days (since Monday, in fact) exams. Tuesday was the worst. Maths and Media Studies. I never want to write an essay about Happy Days again. Today was Ancients, which... well, I wouldn't have thought it was possible to actually enjoy an exam, but I did. Ancients is possibly my favourite subject, becuase the stuff is just so damn interesting. Fascinating would be an appropriate word, methinks. Tomorrow is Physics, and- do I have to capitalise the subject names? Je deteste le grammaire anglais, le francais, il n'y a pas des lettres capitale pour quelque chose. C'est bien.

Anyway, enough excuses about why I havent written anything and more on why I am. Simply put, I read this: and it made me a little mopey and morose. Mostly because I can see that it's very very true. So I moped around the empty house listening to the drizzle drizzle on the roof and tried to find some meaning in my life (NO I AM NOT DEPRESSED PLEASE DO NOT BE WORRIED). So basically I was feeling crap, and I thought, "What can I do that seems to give meaning to my short pointless existence on a speck of dust floating around an average star in an average galaxy in an entire universe filled with trillions of the damn things?" and felt even more morose.

And then I decided I'd write. Writing is good. Its like warm fuzzies, but with white hot fire instead of gloopy warmness. Yeah. I think I could handle writing for a living. Not that writers make much of a living, but there you go. It's not a real job, I don't think that when people ask me "What I want to be when I grow up" I'll say it, ('cause chances are they'll say its not a real job, which it probably isn't) but I think knowing is a good start right?

That. That got overly philosophical overly quickly. To conclude, I will now state, for the record, that EXAMS ARE MADE OF FAIL AND SUCK and ANCIENT HISTORY IS MADE OF AWESOME.

Thank you, internet, and good day.

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