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Not a big post...

04 August 200908:33AMlife

Hey! This post is really old. You should take it with a grain of salt.

...just a post, so people can... post. Abusive comments. No.

Basically, I'm back. Not just "back in the country" back, but back as in "back at school with everyone else having caught up with both friends and sleep and now having several large assignments". Life has returned to normal. Whether or not this is a good thing has yet to be decided. Specifically the assignments. Which I should really be doing.

I have this media one, on photojournalism, and I picked the Tank Man pictures because I think they're cool and important. Only, every time I pick a topic because I think it's cool and important it ends up being both a crappy assignment and a less cool and important topic than it started out as, and this one shows no signs of being any different. Next time I'll pick some random topic, I think.

Oooh, there's got to be something else. I really don't want to work on this assignment, even though avoiding it much longer will result in epic failz. I guess if you haven't seen my Reunion photos yet, I could put those up... or not, they're already on Facebook. Have a link: They'll be up on Picasa eventually as well. I hope. That trip is easily one of the best things I've ever done, if not the best. Which reminds me: The Facebook status I posted as soon as I got back with all the in-jokes in it:

Oh mon dieu / "Une Orangina, S'il vois plait." / AZERTY / "Mais il fait froid!" / Thriller dance / Ten of Hearts / Rogail de Saucisseseseseses / "MECHANTE!" / Domage! / "Mais nooooooooooon" / Je suis DEZOLAY / Emeline is Mean / Chantilly / "Deux Camamberts et deux Cocas" / Allons'y! / Les jolies chapeaus / Doyoyoyoyoyoing / MDR! / Je t'aime, Jess / "Bisous." / "T'es FOLLE, Brittany!" I miss Reunion already. ♥

Now I'm really running out of stuff to say, and my piano teacher is here.

A bientot, then.

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