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Beached Whale.

13 September 200902:58PMlinks

Hey! This post is really old. You should take it with a grain of salt.

And no, that's not some kind of pun. There was, as you probably know, a beached whale at City Beach today. Being the intrepid media student that I am (ha ha), I took a camera down and joined the throngs of... other equally intrepid camera-bearers gawking for a look. I had a video camera as well, which I took with some vague plan of doing some of that social media stuff and getting the pics out there before the mainstream media, but it ran out of batteries about 2 minutes in. I got some interesting conversations between lifeguards and wildlife officers before it did though. As well as several minutes of Matt whining about how everyone there was a 'toy' for 'delighting in another creature's suffering' or somethng like that, and the irony of Japanese tourists getting photos with a dying whale. Probably true, but hey, god forbid people should actually look when something interesting happens for once.

Anyway. Pictures.

A respectable crowd for a Sunday morning

The creature in question.

Media Student, engage!

Watching a dying mammal - all part of the morning's entertainment.

"Look at me, I am either too cynical or too stoned to notice a whale on my morning jog..." From the looks of him he was possibly both.

There were about seven of these. Even though nothing at all was happening.

Nobody really seemed sure what to do with a 6 tonne 1-year- old whale... In the end they just left him there.

It was probably both one of the saddest and most awe-inspiring things I've seen. Epic creatures, really. Apparently later on there were people chanting around it and stuff, after word got out that they'd already rescued the same whale twice earlier in the morning and that they weren't going to try again because he'd just beach himself again, and he was too injured to survive due to a killer whale bite and sheer exhaustion. At least, that's what the Surf Lifesaving guy said.


In other news:

Rockwell, your Intrepid-media-student-in-the-field. Ha ha.

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