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Crazy Scared...

20 October 200908:41AM

Hey! This post is really old. You should take it with a grain of salt.

Well crap. I'm buried under an enormous pile of work. Again. An Ancients assignment, a creative writing journal, a talk on Samuel Taylor Coleridge, 3 Physics tests, a Media in-class on mockumentary and a French writing test. All in week 3. (So what do I do? I write something totally unrelated and useless to vent. Well done me.)

This veritable blizzard of assignments occurs with alarming regularity in the weeks just before the exams, because the week directly before is assessment free, and I guess working in a school makes the teachers do as the students do and frantically do all their assessments at the last possible moment. The practical upshot of all this is that we spend the assessment free week sleeping instead of studying and hence fail all the exams. Well, not quite, but it's hardly the most efficient distribution of effort on either part.

And on the topic of exams. Two weeks. Two weeks and then I'm a Year 12, and then balls and more exams and mocks and TEE and holy crap I'm finished what the hell am I going to do with my life? This delightful little question has me the titular 'crazy scared'. For anyone who's ever asked me what I want to do after I finish school, you'll know I say "No clue!" and grin like a maniac, and it's really only just occured to me that this might be, you know, a problem, what with finishing school looming uncomfortably close. Crazy scary. Not that I'm suddenly going to get a clue or anything, so don't worry.

On to lighter topics: Next year is 2010, which means we're actually living in the future, and will be well overdue for our second space odyssey, because Arthur C. Clarke wasn't wrong about video calls or the internet or geostationary communications satellites, so it stands to reason that He shouldn't be wrong about joy-rides to Jupiter and psychopathic AIs.


And three other things, before I go. All of them French. And all on consecutive days:

Bye then.

(You know, I really need to get myself a catchy sign off line so I can stop having to worry about ending my posts on a conclusive, coherent point.)

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