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I hate ribbon cables.

17 December 200905:28PMrantsreviewlife

Hey! This post is really old. You should take it with a grain of salt.

They're the freaking epitome of non-user-serviceable parts. It probably seemed like such a great idea, "Oh look, we can fit all our cabling on one tiny area for ludicrously cheap!", except, of course, given its propensity to break. This is all fine and dandy in something which never moves, like a desktop computer, but using a strip of ribbon cable in a slide phone where it will be constantly flexed as the phone slides open and shut? This is a recipe for disaster, or at least moderate fail... thanks Samsung.

Not my phone, but you get the general idea.

So this is why my phone is sitting on the desk in front of me having all its delicate informational organs, as it were, siphoned off into a folder on my laptop, and why I'll probably end up getting a new phone for Christmas and/or my birthday instead of something fun and interesting. Not that there's anything actually wrong with the phone, per se, it's just the screen and camera which don't work... and the camera hasn't worked for months, which should probably have been a warning sign, but there you go.

In other, better news, I saw Zombieland today. Kickass is probably the best word. It's all the fun bits of zombie fighting without all the tedious crap about survival and practicalities. As in, despite all the mail characters' 'rules' for survival, not once do the characters bother to eat (actually, they eventually find and eat the last Twinkie in the entire world... but I digress), toilet breaks are used once as a casual joke, first aid, ammunition, water and fuel aren't even thought of as a problem, and so on... with the rather pleasant end result that we actually get, for once, a zombie movie which is actually fun to watch instead of scary/boring/scary/boring like, say, the Dawn of the Dead remake. I also liked the homage to the original point of zombies (a criticism of mindless consumerism- it's no coincidence that Dawn of the Dead, the first true zombie flick, is centered around a shopping mall) at the end, which is basically something along the lines of "If you're going to be a loner and not appreciate life, you might as well be a zombie anyway". I can see this 'un being a staple of movie nights for years to come.

Oh yeah, that other thing... Paranormal Activity. Three words: Really. Freaking. Freaky. Also fun to deconstruct, if you're into that kinda thing.

Unh. It's after one in the morning. Time to put my phone back together and go to bed. I got a really good write-up thingy of Alien somewhere here... but I gotta write more. Gotta... gotta write...


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