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21 January 201001:16PMlife

Hey! This post is really old. You should take it with a grain of salt.

So, I'm 17 today.


It still doesn't feel quite right, though. 17 is old. As in, it sounds a lot older than 16. 16 you're a teenager, 17 you're... well, nowhere. It's adult- sounding, but legally you're still a kid. It's a really odd middle ground. Old enough to drive, but not drink, vote, or anything else like that. Really... odd. Notwithstanding the fact that my brain refuses to accept that it's 17 and stalwartly insists it's 14, or sometimes 15, or 16. I can't really explain that. Maybe it's because 17's a prime number, or maybe because I've only been 17 for about 15 hours, 7 of those I've spent asleep. I expect all this will straighten itself out by the time I'm 18... Oh crap. 18. Freaking hell. I've got 365 days to be an adult, and finish school, and enrol in uni...

Anyway. Off the philosophisationing and on to what I did and got. I had a bunch of friends over to hang out in the pool and play guitar hero and brawl and eat hamburgers. I wanted balloons, but we couldn't find any. Anyway, that was good. It was the first time I'd seen a couple of people since school, and I've got to go back soon, which sucks, because it's year twelve and ohmygodohmygodI'mgonnadie- moving on. What else? Nothing massive and ground breaking happened, it was just really great.

And then there's what I got... I got a new watch which has orange bits on it, a new pair of sunnies which are all reflective, a new ludicrously expensive video camera which due to its truly ludicrous price I'm supposed to share with my dad, and a case for said camera, and a Grue shirt (which is apparently something called Domo, but I always think of it as a grue), and a man purse for my toothbrush and stuff, and a roll of bubble wrap, and a duty-free giant Tobelerone. Not bad.

Right. That'll probably do for tonight, because I'm actually really tired and the tennis is on and I still have to tidy up (grumble grumble) and I'll see everyone soon at school, except if I don't go to school with you, in which case I won't.

Holy crap... Year 12...

Night everyone!

-- Rockwell

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