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31 January 201008:17AMlife

Hey! This post is really old. You should take it with a grain of salt.

So, the holidays are over.

[Insert several paragraphs of 'holy-crap'ing over being in year 12 here. Yawn.]

Anyway, what that means is that it's time to clear out my holidays backpack and hang it up somewhere and forget about it.

The bag in question.

Having carried this around for the entire holidays, and not cleaning it out, and having a pocket that doesn't close properly, it's gathered a nice collection of relics of all the stuff I've done. Cleaning it out becomes sort of like an archaeological dig (dig in the literal sense... the crap at the bottom has compacted into that super-dense bottom-of-backpack wudge which you always get in schoolbags) through the last two months or however long it was.

Er. So. I should have some kind of introduction for this, but I can't really be bothered... Here's my holidays, summed up in the crap from the bottom of my bag.

Top Left to Bottom right:

Bubble mix, from Justin's Australia Day Bubble Party, featuring me and Justin and Graham and Ben and Andrew and Meagan and Kiah.

Hazelnut and a hazelnut shell, fro Graham's place sometime before Christmas. Quite possibly either the Orlando Bloom-a-thon, or the time we went to see Paranormal Activity. He threw hazelnuts at me, and it hurt.

A Sizzler's Mint/Chocolate, from Justin's birthday, featuring... everyone. Then we went to Timezone, and everyone else went to Beatty Park, but I had other things on which seemed important at the time but probably weren't, because I don't remember what they were.

Some Eclipse gum, from Rottnest, the first time (we went twice, but the second was only for the day, but the day we picked was that really really hot one so that was good.) Highlights of that include Coco, scuba diving, fishing and learning how to fillet said fish, and reading a really good book. Lowlights include Matt's douchey friend, and running out of water on the boat (cause it'd been there all year, ie, since Christmas) so we had to go back and forth to shore with big containers.

Some sugar, from that Coffee shop in Claremont Quarter, where we went about 3 times. I think this one came from the time before Christmas, when I was looking for a Christmas present for Matt in the Games World there. The other two times were once with Dad, and once with just Matt and Ollie, when I ran into Haydn and Adam and probably some other people I don't remember.

A rock... not sure where from. I think it was from someone's house... Oh yeah, that's right. Trent's place. Probably from the time I went there for a Halo marathon, which failed because we got bored of Halo 1, and skipped straight to ODST. He has these little rocks in the gaps between the flagstones in his footpath.

A Transperth receipt, from when I met Jess from Reunion (with the thing over the e) in the city, and hung out for ages and did nothing at all. We did go to Croissant Express, though, and came to the conclusion that they were much better than Australian bread but nowhere near French bread.

A wrapper from an Ikea chocolate, from the time I went to Ikea with a bunch of Matt's friends, and played hide and seek. Which is a really good idea, and we should steal it sometime. I took a load of video, but I haven't done anything with it because it's on tape and kind of a bitch to deal with.

A Woolies receipt, which here symbolises all the times I went to work in the holidays, and also all the times I got shafted by selfsame work, by them cancelling my shift after I'd already made arrangements to come back from Rotto, or cancelled something else, or when they called me at 10:15 to tell me I started at 10, and so on and so forth. Stupid work.

A Warhammer dude. I have no idea how that ended up in my bag, especially since I don't play Warhammer any more. Too damn expensive. We might've used it in a D&D game though... but I can't really remember.

A crappy joke (if you can't read it, it says "What do you call a crate of ducks? A box of quackers!") and a weird little key chain from a Christmas cracker at Christmas, the highlight of which was probably my cousin turning up in a bright red suit and converses, and the lowlight the second Christmas lunch with the Pearce family, with soggy pudding and soggier- er, more awkward- being in the same room as Dad's girlfriend's ex, which although she insists shouldn't be awkward at all, it really is.

My old watch. It's there because I took it off and forgot about it when I got a new one for my birthday, on the occasion of which I turned 17 (barring some accident at the birth certificate department.) But I've already written about that, so yeah.

And there it is. All things considered (like the fact that it was a bunch of random crap in the bottom of a decaying backpack) that actually is a pretty good summary of Wot I Did On My Holidays.

Rockwell Out. (You like that? I stole it off Gabe from Penny Arcade.)

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