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Twenty Ten.

07 January 201010:46AMlife

Hey! This post is really old. You should take it with a grain of salt.

Rolls off the tongue quite nicely.

Besides being officially due for our second Space Odyssey (I can dream!), there are a couple of things I've decided should happen in 2010. If you wanted to be cliched, you could call them resolutions, but I'm not going to because they're not. New year's resolutions are usually things like "LOSE 20 KILOS AND FIT INTO THAT DRESS! YEAH!" which are woefully unrealistic, or things like "Be happier" which are woefully vague. I'm not doing either of those. Or maybe it's both, I don't know.

Things I should've done already:

**These are all the things that the people who have their crap together already do or know, and the stuff which I should really know too.

Stuff which I should really do before school starts: **

Wishy-washy "This-will-probably-never-happen-but-you-never-know" stuff:

AKA: regular new years resolutions

Happy new year everyone!

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