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An actual weekend for once. (And other unrelated things.)

07 March 201012:26PMlife

Hey! This post is really old. You should take it with a grain of salt.

Ayup. This weekend has actually been one of the best ones I've had for ages. Even though last weekend was a long weekend and this was just a regular weekend. I put this down to several factors:

So anyway, that was nice. Basically it's been too mental even to think (too mental to think? does that make sense) and I'm really really trying to avoid some kind of cliche like 'recharging my batteries' because that would just sound lame.

So there were a couple other things I wanted/needed to do on here (ever noticed how I start pretty much every second paragraph with 'so'? I just did...) which shall now proceed to do.

Item A: (totally channeling Hugh from Translations... :D) I've discovered that the French word for... well, it doesn't really have an English equivalent, although I suppose the closest would be 'netizen', which is used by the same kind of people who still call the internet "The Information Superhighway"... It's 'internaut'. I am stealing it, because it is a fantastic word which fills a niche that nothing in english quite does. 'Surfer' sounds too late-90s and superficial, Netizen is... well, a bit silly, and Hacker, Gamer, Forumite, etc. all are really too specific. Internaut is nice. I like it. I should put it in my blog tagline. Yeees.

Item B: My stupid brain, in its brainishness(?) decided to give me a bunch of really neat ideas for stories and things to write, but gave them to my during the hell-week, and I haven't had time to do anything with them, and they're sitting in my head driving me crazy. So expect something to show up here in the next few days... or not, because if year 12 so far is anythingto go by another massive wave will break tomorrow, and I'll start drowning again.

Oh, goddamn it, I swear there was an Item C...

Moving on to Item D, which I've been meaning to do for a while, which is to do teensy little one-liners for all my subjects from last year, so that my stupid, stupid brain can let them go and stop comparing my subjects last year to this year, because last year seemed so much better. I'll do that now...

Lit: Mr. P again, and Great Expectations, and the longest tangents ever, and tea without milk that one morning, and ravines and Macbeth and sitting halfway down the righthand side of the classroom in Alimane (or however you spell it) Ancients: Mr. Gibbney, and the story of the two Bs, and diary-top-left-textbook-top-right-except-Rockwell-who-can-put-his-under-the-desk-leg, androof tiles, and blotchy face, and Plutarch being a whore, and sitting in the same seat all year, and yelling at Mahida. Physics: Monday mornign, first thing, doing about 20 minutes of work and then having a conversation with Morgan/Tarco/Daniel/Issy while sitting in the front row right in front of Mr. Thompson, who would always pretend not to be listening/interested. Media: I shouldn't even have to do one for Media, because it's the same this year... But still. The Bunker. Canadians Anonymous. Wishing I could be as awesome as the Rollercops guys. Several Woman. Irrelevant pictures. French: Actually, French last year was too chaotic to really generate any activity in Nostalgia Central. Except maybe for playing celebrity heads with Mme. Desvaux in mentor. Maths: Mr. McRae. Mostly, the fact that Liam and Sina and I did even less work than Keating and Bill and co, but since we made less noise than them, they got sent out. Also trying to find out every single feature on my calculator (impossible) and obsessing over failed tests by covering them in self-abusive sticky notes.

Great. That's out of my system. Now, will the Premature Nostalgia Center of my brain please stop whining about how last year was so much better than this year, sit down, shut up, and let the rest of my brain get on with passing Year 12? That would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

Okay, well, this ended up being less of a coherent actual thing and more of a brain-dump, but that's what you get. Posts away!

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