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Headphones, Facebook, and Exams.

30 May 201007:29AM

Hey! This post is really old. You should take it with a grain of salt.

Yes, this is another one of those posts where I talk about a whole heap of totally unrelated topics. Get over it.

But hey, just to mix things up a bit, I'll start with the last thing in the title first, which is exams. Now, I'm pretty sure that if you have these you don't want to hear about it, and if you don't have them... you don't want to hear about it either. Okay. Nobody wants to hear about it, but since when has that ever stopped me, huh? (Wow I sound cranky today.) So exams. Not sure why, but this time around I actually didn't panic at all (which is odd) and despite not doing all that much study I've gone into all my exams feeling pretty much okay with the content (especially media- I think that was my best one so far, and I didn't do any revision at all, whereas for Lit, the text I prepared most for is the one I epicfailed (curse you Translations!) so go figure.) Speaking of content, there was a sci-fi story in the Lit unseen section! I had to physically stop myself from cackling with glee in the middle of the exam. (FYI, it was an excerpt from The Time Tombs by J.G. Ballard (who I've never heard of but have now looked up.) So that was all nice and lovely. Maths, on the other hand, is probably going to kill me, or at least cause some kind of grievous bodily harm.

Speaking of grievous bodily harm, you may have noticed if you're reading this on Facebook that I haven't been on for a while (and the only reason that even this would appear is that it's an automatic repost from a blog [shameless plug] which nobody seems to know exists. ) This is for a couple of related reasons. One is that during exams I really, really don't need the distraction. Two and three are somewhat related, in that I don't really feel like Facebook contributes anything meaningful to my life (other than the photos) and that they're doing really quite scary things with people's personal data. I'm seriously considering quitting for good, as opposed to just swapping passwords with someone. The only problem I see with quitting is missing out on photos of stuff (really, if it weren't for the photos I'd already have quit). For events and birthdays there's email and Google calendar, status updates are largely useless... and, if I need to tell everyone that I just ate a burrito that badly there's always Twitter. And I have an email address and an addressbook already. Anyway, I'm not quitting yet, just seriously considering it.

Onto something lighter: when I got my new phone/mp3 player thingy (having a phone and iPod break about the same time is really convenient :/ ) it came with these headphone which are those little in-ear thingys that I was convinced were useless, and put in my drawer and forgot about, but when I lost my regular headphones a few days ago, I dug these ones out and once you get over the squick of pushing them all the way into your ears they are actually really incredible at blocking out everything else and playing some pretty kickass music. The fact that this is the highlight of my week should tell you a lot about what kind of week it is.

(Obligatory: Yay-Doctor-Who-is-on-tonight-(no-of-course-I-don't-let-exams-stop-me) and Boo-hiss-no-Stargate-Universe-this-week-because-the-SyFy-channel-are-dicks.)


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