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And I'm Writing To Avoid Writing...

04 May 201001:08PMlife

Hey! This post is really old. You should take it with a grain of salt.

Heya guys! This is me, writing, to avoid writing. Admittedly, the thing which I'm avoiding writing is a creative writing thingy which is due tomorrow, but I need a little break and I have a huuuuge long list of things I really need to write about, so let's go!

Thing one: The ball Only 2 weeks (or something) later I come to you and tell you the ball was absolutely flipping fantastic and I want to do it every week, except that suits are very expensive.

Oh ye gods. Mum is yelling for me to go and fix the internet. Be right back.


Goodness me, she is death to anything more complex than a toaster. _Settings dialogs are not toys! _

Where was I? Oh yeah, Ball. Anyway, I had a great time, an awesome date, a fantastic ride and a fairly pathetic attempt at a LAN party afters which I fell asleep for. One more thing: There are certain types of music coughKe$hacough which are fun to dance to but under no circumstances ever should be played on a radio, because they sound awful. Really.

Thing two: Iron Man 2

This was an excellent movie. My favourite bit was the whole movie, because it's the first movie I've been able to sit through since starting Media without analysing everything. So really, I have nothing to say about it. Oh, other than I really really liked the copious Avengers references, and that you should stay all the way until the end of the credits if you go and see it. Also, Warmachine and Black Widow and Nick Fury. Especially Nick Fury. Samuel L. Jackson was born to wear an eyepatch and trenchcoat and talk trash to Robert Downey Jr. Also also, bonus points for featuring Sam Rockwell as Hammer, because he has my name as his surname.

Thing three (wow, we're really getting through these quickly!): Doctor Who.

Yes, I've already done this one, but there've been two episodes since then and they've both been pretty good. Couple of things I gotta say though. Matt Smith so far has gotten angsty a few times, and I hope he doesn't take after Dave Tennant that quickly. Please. Secondly, Amy Pond is brilliant. It's nice to have a competent companion for once. What's that? On a city on the back of a space whale in my nightie? Sure, no worries, I'll just run off, pick some locks with a bobby pin, uncover the entire plot and save the star whale by knowing the Doctor better than he knows himself. Certainly makes a nice change to Martha "I love you but I'm too angsty to tell you" Jones, or Donna "Catherine Tate" Noble. (Cause Catherine Tate really is her own Cliche). The 'Crayola Daleks' were great- and stop whining, they had colours in the old series too. Although I really feel like that particular episode could've been a two-parter. It felt squished and didn't really explore the whole World War 2 side of things.

Thing four: Run Lola Run
We just did this in media (hence no analysis today) but it is the first movie I've watched in media which I've actually enjoyed. So that's nice.

Thing five: I have lots of work.
Yes yes, we know. Moving on.

Thing six: Notepads
So I've recently developed this habit of carrying a smallish notepad around with me and writing things in it to remember them, and making lists, and other such things which you use a notebook for. I have no idea why I am doing this. It seems really old person-y. Although Matt Rose did ask me if I ever solved crimes with it, which was cool. Maybe it's a subconscious imitation of my current favourite brilliant machiavellian science officer, Nicholas Rush from Stargate Universe, which is really getting fantastic (about 15 episodes in) but gets a lot of heat from Stargate fans. Seriously guys, it works a lot better if you stop expecting it to act like Stargate and treat it as its own show which just happens to have everyone's favourite spinning wormhole machines in it. Or maybe that's a load of crap, (about the notebook thing) and I just wanted a chance to plug Stargate Universe, because it's seriously that good.

And that's it, I'm done. I need to get back to my stupid stupid creative writing now.


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