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In which I defend several things which I like and other people don't.

17 May 201012:34AMlifereview

Hey! This post is really old. You should take it with a grain of salt.

Firstly, the excuse: I had so much work over the last two weeks that it wasn't even funny, and my workload was by no means the biggest of anyone I know. Seriously, what's the point of having an assessment free week to prep for exams when most people just want to spend it sleeping because they got so much goddamn work the week before?

But I digress from the promised purpose of this post, which is to make several defenses of things I like from people who don't like them.

Let us begin with Iron Man. It is a good movie, as long as you understand the point, which is a) as a brilliant excuse for special effects, one-liners and Scarlett Johansson (when I typed that into Google to get spelling suggestions, the top three were Scarlett Johansson, Scarlett Johansson pictures and Scarlet Johansson breast size. This is an accurate summary of why she is in movies.), and b) as a lead-up to a Thor movie, a Captain America movie and then an Avengers movie. If you're at all into comic books or action movies, you will understand the significance of this, but if you aren't, allow me to explain. The Avengers are the Marvel Comics version of the DC Justice League (okay, not exactly, but a close enough comparison.), a team of superheroes who go around doing superhero-y things.

This has never been done before, at least not in the way Marvel Studios is doing it as a true franchise of films rather than many disparate one-offs (Batman and Superman technically exist in the same universe, but Batman Begins made no reference at all to Superman Returns, and vice versa, unlike Iron Man and the new Hulk movie, and the series which will follow on from there.). This brings me to my second point- never before has the company responsible for the source material been responsible for making a movie.

It's like JK Rowling doing the Harry Potter scripts and direction, or something to that effect. The point here is that this sets a fantastic precedent for companies taking control of their own film rights instead of auctioning them off and having them butchered by someone who wants a quick buck instead of someone who truly wants to do the source material justice. So that's why Iron Man is both a good movie and an important movie, and you should all take your petty accusations about 'plot' elsewhere.

Second thing I will be defending today is songs. Particularly, songs being used in ads where they're really not appropriate. For reference I point you to... aw crap, I forgot the company, but they make beds or mattresses or something and they use Mad World as their ad jingle. The cover they use is of the version used in Donnie Darko (now there's a film with a plot... almost too much plot, in fact) which is itself a cover of a song by Tears for Fears.

For anyone who's heard it, you'll know its a pretty depressing and bleak song about the futility of life (especially the Donnie Darko verison) and yet here it is being used to sell beds simply because it has the phrase "worn out faces" in it. This is wrong, and it makes me angry. Same goes to Sunbeam, who managed to turn a song my mum used to use to get me to go to sleep as a baby into a jingle to sell toasters. This too, is very very wrong, and makes me very very angry. In short:

Dear advertising industry, Please write your own jingles instead of raping songs I like by stripping them of all their delicate layers of personal and intellectual meaning and using them to sell shit. Thank you.

I was going to write something else as well, but that last bit made me so angry that I forgot what it was, and I have to leave for school in five minutes anyway, so that will be all for now.

Oh yeah, that's what it was. Ubuntu 10.04, and this is less a defense than a piece of advocacy- this is without a doubt the slickest operating system I've ever used. The Me menu is really good, the built in social networking is a fantastic time waster, and literally every part of the hardware on my computer plugs in and works easier than in windows (like the TV out on my laptop, for example. Windows, 5 minutes of rebooting and setup, Linux, it works straight away without me even doing anything.) Sure it has its bugs, but Vista had a lot more (no scanning program Vista? Seriously?) and it manages to make my now-5-year-old lappy look brand new. Boots in 15 seconds. Installed without any hassle alongside Windows. It is made of win, and if you've ever wondered about whether or not to install Linux, this is it- it's ready.

Okay, now I seriously have to go. So... bye.

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