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Roman Newsflash.

21 August 201008:12AMfiction

Hey! This post is really old. You should take it with a grain of salt.

Romans steal time machine, rob museum. Authorities baffled.

A SPATE OF mysterious museum robberies came to an end yesterday with the arrest of two offenders in the Italian national museum. Police had been mystified as to how the duo, who speak only first-century Latin, had gained access to highly secured museum seemingly without opening any doors or leaving any genetically identifiably evidence.

Through a university professor acting as a translator, the pair claimed to have found a time travel device, and have been conducting raids on Roman antiquities for months now, insisting that "all the best booty ended up in these cases". When asked to return it, the pair, who identified themselves as Marcus Lucius and Caius Rufus Nasica, said that they had already spent the thousands of Aurei they had stolen.

The culprits are expected to be sent back to their own time for questioning. Both the authorities and the perpetrators declined to comment on the origins of the time machine used.

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