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The Last Normal Day

18 September 201004:42AMlifeintrospection

Hey! This post is really old. You should take it with a grain of salt.

I realised something this morning .

Yesterday was the last normal day I'll have for a considerable amount of time. The last day I'll get up, put on a school uniform, go to school, do stuff in class (although admittedly as the end of school draws near the amount of work done in each class tends to decrease- in French on friday we didn't even get books out, just talked), go home, and procrastinate. Because after yesterday, anything which could be considered normal, or routine, or everyday just disappears, and until next year, when presumably a new normality takes its place, everything is in a sort of chaotic limbo of in-between.

So I hope you all savoured and relished and indulged in that normality, cause we're not going to taste it again for a very long time.

Just some food for thought there.

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