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Ode to Facebook.

07 October 201010:58AMfiction

Hey! This post is really old. You should take it with a grain of salt.


The very name is preppy and smarmy, like a photo album of people you've never met.

It starts slowly, maybe a friend tells you to join, "Everyone's on it".

So you sign up, you log in. It's like a utopia, a torrent of friends and photos

send a dopamine rush through your head. "If a little is this good, more must be better!"

A friend here, a like there, a group with a witty name and a funny picture, an event for

a friend's friend's party. "This is good", you reassure yourself, "I can stay in touch

with anyone and everyone". And soon you have 500 friends, everyone you've ever met, and

you're drowning under a deluge of pointless schmoozy statuses, like a waterboarding

victim gasping for air. "lol facebook stealz ur life" you post. People laugh, but

it's only funny cause it's true. You reassure yourself, "I can quit anytime"- spoken

like a true addict. Like any abuser, the cancer spreads through you, agressive

corrupting and pestilent like the most violent weed, spreading its tendrils through your social life.

But it's not a cancer. Oh no, cancer is kind compared to this. This is a virus. A virus

which you spread, every time you ask: "Are you on Facebook?", infecting the

innocent with your putrid desparation. Misery loves company, after all.

< From Mrs. Barrett :D Some words. >