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Some words.

12 October 201010:57AMlifeintrospection

Hey! This post is really old. You should take it with a grain of salt.

Oh grashness me, it's been a while since I actually just wrote about stuff which is happening instead of some kind of proper writing.

And I just sat there for about a minute after writing that, thinking, "Now what do I put here next?", and then thinking "Oh gods, I've forgotten how to do this", and then thinking, "No wait, it's just cause nothing interesting has happened recently except exams, and nobody wants to hear about those.

Actually there are a couple of things I on my brain. Firstly there's Facebook. Yesterday I went through and scrubbed all my personal info and then deleted a whole crapload of friends who I didn't know, didn't like, didn't regularly associate with, or didn't really want to have access to said personal information. Which seems pretty drastic, but truth be told, I don't care and I doubt they will- in fact, I doubt they'll even notice unless they're in the habit of reading random people's personal information, which I gather some people are.

I have growing concerns about Facebook, not necessarily the stealing-your- information-and-selling-it-to-advertisers side, although that does annoy me to no end which is partly why I scrubbed my contact info, but more the extent to which it integrates itself into your life, wraps itself around your social life until all your interactions with other people have a blue logo bar at the top. It worries me that without Facebook I'd have literally no contact with a whole load of people who I'd rather like to stay in contact with. It worries me that the first thing I do if I get a spare minute is check if I have any Facebook updates. It worries me that that quick check turns into a half-hour of nothingness. And it worries me that I just started this sentence with a preposition. Wait, no. It worries me that if I tell anyone else about that kind of distraction, they'll just not sagely and/or manically and say "Me too". As a society (and I hate that phrase, it reminds me of the the exam I just wrote) we're addicted to this website, and that's seriously weird. Like if everyone was on crack, and you bought it from one central dealer, and you talked about doing crack and people would just say, "Oh yeah, me too.", and... okay, metaphor over. It's just disturbing, is all I'm saying.

So here's another thing, also related to Facebook (see how it ingrains itself into every facet of your existence?). These used to cross-post to Facebook. Now they don't, due to a screw-up on Facebook's part (they managed to lose half the ones I'd imported along with comments in the process). And truthfully? I think I like it better when I know nobody reads these. It's... quiet. I don't have to worry about accidentally offending people or writing about things other people said (always awkward when you know they read it) or spoiling movies or writing something people like or staying on topic or anything. I can just put some words. And the words be.

A technical thing now. I switched my netbook to Ubuntu, and got hardware acceleration working, and finally got the touchscreen both calibrated and not- crashing-the-entire-system (the two were previously mutually exclusive). And then, of course, 10.10 comes out, and I have to resist my seemingly ingrained urge to upgrade. It's the ultimate contest, between. "Hey, you got a good thing going here. If it ain't broke, don't fix it", and "SHINY UPGRADE MUST HAS!". I figure I'll 'has' myself an upgrade eventually, but not until after I know the GMA500 drivers are stable in 10.10. Or better. There's always that possibility, of things actually getting better instead of breaking after an upgrade. Unthinkable, but possible. Also, my windows system seems to have a very intrusive but otherwise pointless virus. Its sole purpose appears to be to trigger my antivirus software to pop up a big red alert, and then vanish without a trace when I try to scan for it. It also likes putting itself on my external drives with an autorun. Switching to Linux just seemed easier than reinstalling Windows. It's still there if I need to run a game or something (although frankly, the OpenGL performance under Windows is abysmal-to-non-existant, so Ubuntu/Wine might actually be better for that too. Win-win!)

Now for the obligatory exams bit. Lit was okay. I did the same 2-good-one-bad thing as last time, and last time the bad one was still about a 70, so fingers crossed. Physics was good. Solid. Solid is the word. Ancient history certainly was not solid, it was wobbly as hell, but I'll do okay anyway. Maths; I think it was universally agreed that the non-calc was easy, the calculator section was hellish, and my observations support this hypothesis. Media I'm pretty sure I pwnt. French is tomorrow, and is always both too easy and takes too little time. And then I have to do it all again in 2 weeks. Woot.

I'm going away between exams though. Dad offered to take me to Rottnest for a few days, so I'm going to go over there and forget Facebook, and reread some books, and take a pile of study and ignore it, and maybe do some swimming and fishing and sit on a boat and generally appreciate existence a bit. It's also my chance to go to Rotto before leavers trashes it for a while. Which reminds me, I'm not going on leavers. If you read this, future self, and say "WHY DID YOU NOT DO IT", well... sorry. Getting smashed does not currently fit with my priorities, ever, leavers or not, and I suspect never will, though on that I submit to your greater experience Future Self.

Speaking of future self, I've got this whole list of things I'd like to either start doing in the next year or take up again next year. I shall post this list, and then comment upon it, and then probably check back in a year's time or something like that and see how many of them I actually did. I call it the zombie list, for reasons which will become clear.

Despite being wrapped in delicious zombie-flavoured fluff, these are all things I really want to get into and hopefully will once I have no exams. And probably future me will look back and laugh, cause Uni is peanuts to Year 12, but hey, I can dream, right? (dreaming would be great, cause it implies sleeping. Which I don't do nearly enough of these days.

Stargate Universe is back! And looking really good. They've finally unlocked the ship's systems, or at least Rush has, and there's all those Alliance types on board, and Colonel Young just keeps looking crazier (he killed a guy last episode!) and they're turning up the weird and cliffhangery. Basically, this show keeps getting better (Tycho agrees :D). Also, I finshed my self-imposed reruns of Doctor Who (I started from the 2005 series and I gotta say, in hindsight, this last season was easily the best. Some of the episodes were amazing: the angels pair and the silurian pair were classics, The Lodger was just amazing, Amy's Choice was brilliant, and... yeah. Want more plz! And another thing: Sherlock Holmes. Looks amazing. Unfortunately it's on Channel 9, which means it'll likely be dropped half way through or shredded into ad breaks, likely both. It's probably channel illegal for that for me if so. Cause it looks amazing.

Some etymology: Watchamacallit and Somethingarather. These are not Whatcha mar callet and Something A Rather, but actually corruptions of What-you-may-call- it and Some-thing-or-other. That one particularly annoys me, because everyone pronounces it as something-a-raaaaaaaaaaaather, and it's not, it's something- or-other. Yes I did figure that out on my own, but I'm sure I'm not the first (and not the first to be annoyed either.

Finally, I think late afternoon is my favourite time of day. When the sun is about halfway down the sky, and it's too early for sunset but too late for anything else. It comes around about 4:30pm in the summer. 4pm is weird like that. 3pm is definitely afternoon, and 5pm is definitely evening, but 4? 4 is in the middle of nowhere, too early to start and too late to finish. It's confusing, and I like confusing.

Holy crap what a braindump that turned out to be. It wasn't meant to be that long, but things just kept coming to mind and so I kept writing and stuff kept coming to mind and so I kept writing and stuff... yeah. I'll probably wrap it up there though. I feel much better, like my brain's less full. And less full is good.

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