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In which I try my hardest not to sound like a spoilt rich brat and eventually fail.

23 November 201011:02AMlife

Hey! This post is really old. You should take it with a grain of salt.

This is going to should really 'Fisrt world problems'-y, so just bear with me for a bit.

So here's the pitch. Instead of going to leavers, my dad is taking me to Egypt, France, and maybe some Italy along the way. We'll be away for a month, a little more actually, and in short, it's going to be pretty freaking fantastic.

Anyway, here's my problem. Dad is trying to talk me into taking his brand new early-christmas-present iPad instead of my netbook. Bearing in mind that the principal reason I'm taking one at all is to, you know, type, I fail to really see the payoff in this for me. (the payoff for him is that he can claim $100-ish on duty free if he takes it with him.) Mind you, typing on it right now, I can't see that my typing speed is significantly reduced, but I am starting to get wrist strain, so I'll reserve judgement on that one for now. My point is, that given I want to type, skype, and backup photos, is there any sense in taking a device that has neither a keyboard, webcam, nor a photo card slot? It's only about 200g lighter, and half as thin but about a centimetre wider the whole way around. The keyboard is fast but a bitch to use numbers and punctuation (and thus contractions (I wonder if we will see a new iPad centric contraction less writing style?(it also made me realise how many brackets, quotation marks, and dashes I use, all of which are 3 taps further away on an iPad than on a keyboard. Also, it keeps trying to 'correct' (see, quote marks. (and brackets)) my Australian English to American English- it's intensely irritating, as is the constant flicking back and forth to the punctuation window, and the needing to take my hands off the keyboard to correct said corrections - no arrow keys, natch, and THAT INCESSANT GODDAMN CLICKING NOISE SHUT UP SHUT UP JUST FREAKING SHUT UP!)))

How anyone could ever want to type long form work on this I do not know.

The Google earth app is great fun though.

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