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10 November 201002:26PMreview

Hey! This post is really old. You should take it with a grain of salt.

I really wanted to try and work a joke about a 20-year-old Nissan, but it's a bit late at night for that level of wit.

Let me start off by spoiling the entire plot of Skyline for you: The aliens have come to eat our brains. No, I'm not being funny, or using that as shorthand for a generic alien invasion plot. The aliens literally have come to eat our brains. And that's as far as the plot gets. If Inception was the 'sci- fi/thriller with a brain', then Skyline is ironically enough the one without a brain despite its subject matter. But that's a bit harsh. I actually liked it quite a bit. The action was really actiony, and the suspense was suspending, and there were a couple of really badass scenes - like the one with the nuke bomber - but its a bit like Cloverfield in that it ignores the big picture for a survivorsy type tale. Which is fine too.

The whole point of this movie, though, is the effects. Which are amazing. It's basically a special effects demo-reel more than an actual movie.

Anyway, I felt like I needed to think that through a bit, cause the guys I went to see it with were pretty harsh, but I don't think every movie can be Inception or even Jurassic Park. Some movies are cheap thrills with good special effects and a cheesy cliché ending, and you have to just sit back and enjoy the ride rather than try to make sense of the token plot.

I mean, it's evolutionarily impossible for aliens to evolve that require ludicrous quantities of human cranial matter to power their biology... We see them clear out the entire planet in a matter of days, and yet they've only just arrived. Unless they have planets full of human livestock scattered all over the galaxy, and go into some kind of suspended animation between food stops. They could just seed a planet with human stock, and when it starts blasting out on radio frequencies, it's like the ping on a microwave oven. Which, come to think of it, is probably the implied plotline, but it's only Fridge Logic [tvtropes warning!] that makes me think of it, and it's not exactly a new idea (I read a book of short stories with that idea in it, which I borrowed off James... I forget what it was called, I think it was by Larry Niven. Yeah, found it.)

But as the mexican-stereotype-badass says in the movie, when asked by the prototypical-protagonist, "Why are they here? Where are they from?" - "Does it even matter?" No. No it does not. It's a science/Fiction Thriller, a zombie movie with aliens and explosions, and if plot gets in the way of some fun action scenes and amazing special effects, ditch it. Just don't expect people to rave about it as much as Inception.

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