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Yo dog, I heard you like siblings...

18 November 201006:44AMintrospection

Hey! This post is really old. You should take it with a grain of salt.

I realised something the other day. My brother and I were sitting watching Junior Masterchef, making jokes about the fact that it was sponsored by Omo, and what, did they use washing powder in cakes, and wouldn't Matt Preston look funny with a mouth full of soap suds saying, "Itsh a little too shudsy for my liking, but itsh a commendable effort", and about how 11/10 chefs and food critics failed maths, and it twigged that 90% of the enjoyment of watching this show was actually from the banter that surrounded it, and not the show itself. Iron Chef is funny for the same reason ("TODAY SECRA INGREDIAN IZ... SAND!") - it's the jokes and conversation which form around the show which are valuable rather than the show itself, like a pearl made from bodily secretions around a lump of fairly ordinary sand.

Anyway, this got me to thinking: How would someone with no siblings replicate this? They'd have nobody readily available to make jokes to, so would they talk to themselves? Would they just think the 'commentary', and start laughing seemingly for no reason? I honestly don't know, although I suspect a large component of what makes this kind of thing funny is bouncing wit back and forth, and somehow it amplifies until everyone's in hysterics. I'm not sure.

This is sort of my point. I don't know. I've got no conception of what it's like to experience... well, anything like that really, without having an almost constant side-channel of comments. (I suspect this makes me very annoying to watch TV and movies with- I have to restrain myself from this kind of commentary in the cinema cause I get weird looks.) Also I suspect it's made me less capable of finding entertainment for myself- I find that if I get bored I just go and bug Matt until some weird-ass conversation happens. It's a weird thought, that I might have a totally different comprehension of reality to someone else just because for a non-zero proportion of the time I have a consistent 'other' nearby. But weird in a good way. It takes all sorts, and that.

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