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[Entry 20] Lost in Spezia

19 December 201001:34PMepic-triptravel

Hey! This post is really old. You should take it with a grain of salt.

So I had a little adventure tonight.

We went out to find somewhere to eat, and found this place which looked like a pizza joint. It was full of locals (always a good sign) and was less of a restaurant and more of a fast-food type joint. They brought out this really good pizza and some weird _stuff_which judging from the menu (ie, the only thing on the menu that wasn't pizza) was something called farinata (it has a Wikipedia page, so it must be real.)

We finished that off pretty quickly (they brought it out almost straight away, which helped) and went to pay. Dad remarked casually that he had no money left after paying the hotel guy (we're in this weird little mini-hotel-esque thing, almost an apartment, which I reckon this guy runs on the side because he's never here). He looked at me expectantly. I had a look for my wallet...

Crap, no wallet. So here we are, bill on the table, with one empty wallet between us. I volunteer to run back to the room and grab mine, thinking I knew roughly where we were and which way the room was. How wrong I was. I ended up wandering around the city for the best part of an hour, looking for any sign of the main street or the Via XX Settembre where we were staying. I'm sure I went in circles (I saw this one square about five times... it almost became a relief to see it after a while because I knew that while I was still totally lost, at least I was lost in about the same place I was lost 30 minutes ago and not lost somewhere totally new.). Twice I found the street I was loking for. The first time I turned down A side street because I thought I'd already turned down a side street because for some reason the street numbers on this street start again half way down. The second time I persevered and eventually ran into dad in the middle of calling me- he'd been stuck outside, since he'd given me the key so I could get my wallet from the room.

The first question he asks me is which way I turned when I left the restaurant. When I say left, he looks at me like I was crazy and said that the main street was only a little way away, but to the right. Obviously there's something to this 'sense of direction' thing after all, and obviously I'm totally lacking one.

This story has two morals, then.

  1. Always take your wallet everywhere (I hadn't forgotten mine, you see, I'd just left it behind because I didn't think I'd need it)
  2. Never assume you know the way, particularly if you have a rubbish sense of direction. (In future I'm seriously considering taking a compass on holiday with me, just so I can tell which way we go and thus which way is back.)
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