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[Entry 2] Wait, why are we in Cyprus?

30 November 201011:24PMepic-triptravel

Hey! This post is really old. You should take it with a grain of salt.

Before I start on Cairo, I'll bore you with further tales of flying woes. For starters, we almost missed our flight cause Dad went walkabout in Singapore airport, but then it turned out our flight was delayed, so we waited an hour and almost missed it again (though it turns out when the screens say GATE CLOSING in big red letters, what they actually mean is TAKE YOUR TIME THE FLIGHT WILL BE DELAYED ANOTHER HALF HOUR ANYWAY.

Then we almost got lost in Dubai airport, which is a bit crap and very confusingly designed, even for an airport. We ended up walking back and forth between the plane and the gate about fifty times before figuring out that the security checkpoint was around the corner and that yes, we did have to go through it even though we were only in the airport for a 60 minute stopover. (Dubai, incidentally, reminds me of a public Minecraft server, with people just building loads of crazy stuff cause they can.)

AND THEN. Cairo was foggy after the 5-or-something hour flight there, so the pilot declared that we would be going to Cyprus instead, apparently for the sole purpose of filing some paperwork and drinking juice for an hour.

But we finally got to Cairo. Cairo is a City. Like, a capital-C City, that makes you ashamed to call somewhere like Perth by the same name. There are more people in Cairo than there are in the whole of Australia. All those things you read about the city being an organism or alive or having a personality, and then nod sagely and think about Perth city center? Yeah, they're actually talking about Cairo. It's this seething chaotic mass of humanity. There are people everywhere. There are cars everywhere (both cars and petrol are about a fifth the price they are here)

That guy is totally riding a bike with some bread on his head, in the middle of traffic.

The traffic is mad. I'm torn between calling them better or worse drivers than us. I mean, they don't obey any of the rules (it took until I saw a dual carriageway to figure out that they actually drove on the other side of the road), constantly honk their horns, and have to swerve around pedestrians and donkeys and taxi drivers on the road. On the other hand, they seem to be very good at said swerving- I'm not sure an Australian driver could handle that.

The other thing you notice are the satellite dishes on every roof. It looks quite odd, like mushrooms sprouting out of blocks of flats, or shrines raised in supplication to some dark god of technology (if you wanted to make a more apt religious metaphor, like a satellite version of Mecca).

It's also really smoggy. At least, I think it's smog. Probably some combination of smog, actual fog, and dust. It's so thick you can't tell the sky is blue, and we're ludicrously close to the pyramids and yet they're only a faint outline. Oh yeah, the pyramids. We totally haven't done that yet because it's on the tour, but I reckon we'll probably go and see it tomorrow. Maybe also the Cairo museum. If I can keep Dad away from the duty free shop that is. That's the thing. We're sort of here for 3 days before the tour starts, so we have to try and avoid doing things that are on the tour at the risk of doing them twice. We also haven't booked flights out yet, which means we might get to go to Alexandria (which I think would be cool) or the Red Sea for diving (which dad thinks would be cool)

So, what else did we do? Other than being driven through the city by those guide types and a checking into the hotel room (it's... average. Kinda small, but that's a good thing, means we need to get out). And then we had dinner and almost died crossing the street (I gotta get a video of that) and now dad's asleep and kinda snoring so I have to go. There's no internet in this room, cause we haven't paid for it, so this'll have to go up tomorrow.)

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