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[Entry 24] So we're in Annecy.

23 December 201002:22PMepic-triptravel

Hey! This post is really old. You should take it with a grain of salt.

So we're in Annecy. I wasn't expecting much. We're here because I picked it at random in the guidebook, because it sounded nice. I only really vaguely read it, actually. I read mountains, and 'charming town', and thought, 'hey, it's a town, in the alps, and I want snow for Christmas, and it's not immediately well known for its skiing which means it won't sound like dad decided.' So we got on a TGV to Lyon, then waited around for two hours, then got on a local train, which took another two hours.


First impression of Annecy- meh. The station is in the modern part of town, as is our hotel (which is actually more like an apartment, it's quite nice.) I was just starting to feel like I'd made a bit of a mistake.

And then.


We walked down the street.

The swan's the wrong colour.

Annecy is the most beautiful town on the entire planet. It's got cobbled streets, and narrow alleys, and bridges and canals and canals so clear you can't even tell there's water in them until a swan swims past. It has a church in the water, and mountains all around, and a castle, just sitting there on top of the hill. The locals really get into Christmas- there's decorations everywhere, and an amazing light show projected onto the front of the town hall (it's lined up with the structure so it looks like Santa's elves (or something like that) are swinging across from window to window.

It's as if someone picked up a French provincial town and put it down right in... the middle... of the French Alps. Hmm, maybe not that surprising actually. It's like Disneyland, but not. I was walking down the street practically pinching myself (not actually, because that would hurt). It's not possible for anything to be this perfect without some kind of artifice involved. Something like the council from Hot Fuzz. They gruesomely murder anyone who might damage the town's perfect appearance. In all seriousness though, it really was like walking through a snow-globe or a postcard. Impossibly picturesque.

Although for something so 'picture'-esque, it doesn't photograph too well. All the lights look green, I needed to clean it up a little to stop it looking like it was on Uranus.

We had dinner at a place which was pretty much the same. Weird decorations on the walls and packed full of people and clearly run by a family or at least like a family business- there were about 3 guys frantically running around doing service for this whole restaurant in jeans and t-shirts. We had fondue, because I'd never had it before. It was delicious. And really fun, because dunking bits of bread and potato into a tiny bubbling vat of cheesey-tomatoey- stuff using an absurdly long fork is much more fun than just eating cheese and bread and potatoes. I don't know enough about cuisine to say more than that. It was a great experience though.

Cheez-dunking requires SRS CONCENTRATION.

We think we might give cooking our own Christmas dinner a shot in the microwave in the dinky kitchen in this flat. It has a stove too, which might be more useful. Or it might just be easier to go out... We'll see.

So: Annecy. For a random pick: Pretty damn awesome.


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