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[Entry 35] The obligatory summary post.

07 January 201111:26PMepic-triptravel

We visited 4 countries (5 if you count Athens for the hour-ish stopover, which I totally do, because they made us get our passport stamped which is what matters. I should probably go back there properly though.)

I can't be bothered to work out how many kilometres that is, but I think it's probably a lot.

We were away 38 days, from the 29th of November 2010 to the 6th of January 2011.

We travelled by plane, minibus, unmetered-probably-a-ripoff taxi, sleeper train, cruise boat, dinghy, regional train, dinky-wobbly-diesel train, coach, TGV, hire car, metro and RER, metered taxi, and a whole lot of walking.

We spent drum roll $3613.40 on the Europe leg (ie, the part that wasn't a package tour), as accounted for by my debit card, from which we drew all our spending money and most of the hotel rooms. Which breaks down to about 172.07 a day for 21 days between the two of us, or about $86 a day each. Which isn't that bad really, though if I was going on my own I could probably cut that down quite a bit, by staying in backpackers instead of 3* hotels, and eating at cheap places instead of decent-to-good restaurants.

We lost 2 razors, a hat, a scarf, an Egypt calendar (damnit.), some soap, a pair of socks, some mouthwash, and broke one camera by dropping it on the floor in an ancient abbey(mine, damnit, though Dad was the one who dropped it). Also, I lost any semblance of a tan I may bave had and came back as pasty as a sheet.

Every ounce of sense in my brain is screaming at me not to do something cheesy like "We found ourselves", or "we found true love", when what really happened was that I found out how to wash socks in a hotel handbasin.

And also, that the world is too big to ever comprehend and too amazing to ever take in and too diverse to ever experience.

Thanks for reading.

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