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The List.

18 January 201104:28AMlife

So, I'm sick.

This, to use the vernacular, sucks. Basically, I can't do anything but attempt to recover for about 6 weeks from when I got sick (a week ago)- so about five weeks. Hopefully less, but we'll see.

However! I shall be attempting to use this empty time for some productive purposes! (Hark! Exclamation mark!). "To what productive purposes could you possibly be referring?", I hear you ask. Well. I intend to fully rectify the total lack of movies, books, and games consumed in the Year That Was 2010 by going on what amounts to a massive binge. I refer to none other than the most complete consumption of media ever undertaken by man in the space of several weeks. And to this end I present you with The List.

Of course, it remains unlikely that I'll ever finish the list, even given my copious free time. I still want to watch things that are not on the list, like Leverage, and play things that are not on the list, like Team Fortress 2, and even read things that are not on the list, like this huge pile of Sherlock Holmes I have on my Kindle.

Oh, by the way, did I mention I got a Kindle?

Plus I have a small pile of short stories which I have to write from ideas I picked up on my trip. And I thought I might learn to draw a bit better too, and improve my skill level from 'abysmal' to merely 'bad', but now we're getting into wishful thinking.

One more thing. If you see anything on the list you want to watch, let me know and I'll give you a copy, since I'll have them all. I would offer to invite you over to watch it with me, but I'm a bit diseased... but if that doesn't bother you, by all means join me! Maybe virtual movie seshes over skype or something is something I'll need to look into...

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