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I should be reading the Iliad right now.

09 March 201103:49PMlife

I started uni.

I thought there'd be more to it than that, y'know, emotionally speaking or something. Some kind of revelation that Yes, This Is What I Am Doing!, or even a Yes, I Have Finally Found A Place To Be Myself And Grow As A Person!. But, no. I was pretty much already doing what it was that I want to be doing and being a person anyway. So really, no major life changes there. Maybe I'm not trying hard enough?

Oh, except linguistics. Linguistics is great. And I will fess up to missing physics a little, especially when all my friends are doing it. Actually, that opens up a whole other can of worms. You see, it didn't matter when we were just joking around about me being the only one doing arts (or indeed, not- engineering) in my social group at school. However, when it comes to me actually being the only one doing arts in my social group at university, things get rather more problematic.

As shown by this highly scientific diagram.

Frexample, I have (well, had) nobody to sit next to in my first lecture on my first day (not strictly true, since it was French and I did happen to know quite a few of them from various French things, but in theory, the point stands). And it makes meeting up after a lecture from something which would just happen because you were walking the same way, into something which involves a string of phone calls, texts, and even IMs the night before. I dread seeing my phone bill at the end of the month. I spent several free hours in my first week just aimlessly wandering around feeling a bit dejected until I figured out that I'd actually need to put some effort in to either a) meeting new friends or 2) meeting old friends, and that it wasn't just going to happen naturally that we all turn up at lunchtime in the same spot every time like high school.

There is a solution to this, which I really only figured out the other day when I accidentally went to the Unigames fresher welcome. This is why clubs exist, and why there seem to be so goddamn many of them. Instead of a social group being "those guys who hang around under the umbrella in the courtyard", it turns into The Science Fiction Club, or more generally, the apparent nerdvana consisting of the sf, computer, tabletop gaming and anime clubs above the Tavern. You don't get to see everybody you know, but you will see somebody you know. Whoever though of clubs was one smart cookie.

Any longer and I'm going to be up all night, but before I finish, just a few things I've sort of noticed:

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