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Why the server is down.

12 March 201110:27AMchat

Betrayer: why is the server down? RockyM93: always with the accusations Betrayer: sorry Betrayer: just wondering RockyM93: embarrassing personal problems RockyM93: its girlfriend broke up with it RockyM93: it just needs some time off RockyM93: it's on holiday in the bahamas Betrayer: ok never....wat Betrayer: for how long? RockyM93: i'm not sure its holiday plans are necessarily any of your busniess RockyM93: suffice to say RockyM93: it is not present at this time. Betrayer: you want me to bring my netbook 2morrow? RockyM93: ... RockyM93: if... you like? RockyM93: i'm not totally sure why? Betrayer: i mean as a replacement Betrayer: if it's long terms RockyM93: JEEZ Betrayer: *term RockyM93: it steps out of the room for five minutes and you're already talking about replacing it RockyM93: no wonder you don't have a girlfirnd RockyM93: :P Betrayer: Q_Q RockyM93: (what actually happened was, i was plugging some stuff into the new tv and i kicked the plug out) RockyM93: (thanks for bringing it to my attention, it's back up now) Betrayer: soooooooooo

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