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13 April 201112:50PMlife

So this was my day.

4:30am: Get up. Be annoyed about it. Put on Doc Brown costume. Frantically run around looking for talcum powder.
5am: Pick up Morgan. Rock up at uni, get Proshes.
6am: In Claremont. Call non-UWA friend to cart enormous pile of papers around.
7am: Done Claremont, moved on to Cott. Wonder how lycra-clad cyclists are going to take their Proshes home, and for that matter, where they keep the change to pay for them with.
7:20am: Get bored of Cott. Go to Freo, cause it's ages away and nobody will be there. Realise that everyone thought this and that Freo is packed. Get back on the train after selling about 3 papers.
8am: Proshify Shenton. Sell highly offensive papers to innocent year 8 kids. Say hi to old teachers, and get a hug from year 8+9 english teacher. Debate whether or not to Prosh the school library, decide against it since the librarians are still really scary. Have minor epiphany when realising that, contrary to prior belief, Prosh sellers don't care how much you give and judge you for it cause they just want to get rid of these goddamn papers.
9am: Get bored of Shenton. Get on train to city. Sell more Prosh. Eventually get tired and just loiter in Forrest Place until...
12pm: Some kind of fail concert. Ostensibly, skits happened, but there were only two, and the science union were the only ones who put in any effort (age of empires ftw). Sing happy birthday to Prosh.
1pm: Get on train back to Shenton Park, then back on bus to uni. Hand in tin. Argue over buying drinks.
2pm: Catch bus back home, via Morgan's and the shops. Buy two chocmilks and drink them one after the other, having not had lunch. Fall asleep on the bus home
3pm: Power nap!
3:40pm: Mum calls. Forgot to cancel tutoring students. Crap.
4pm: Mum comes past, with food (yes!). Takes one of my leftover papers, which is cool. Throw together a quick and dirty french 'lesson'.
5pm: Head down the street, realise my student isn't there.
5:02pm: Play Minecraft.
5:15pm: Student arrives. With friend. Two eleven-year-old-girls giggling at each other is far from ideal. Tell them to shut it.
6pm: So-called 'students' driven to distraction by the birthday/leaving drinks which are coalescing in the back yard. Cut losses, take money. Money is good.
6:10pm: Get in shower. Try to get flour out of hair, to little success.
6:30pm: Dad arrives. It's his birthday. Dinner.
7pm: After striking up a conversation with the waitress, Dad asks if they have any jobs and what the pay's like. They do, and it's great. Decide to drop off resume on Friday.
8pm: Dinner done. Come home.
9pm: Finish linguistics assignment due the next day.
9:58pm: Realise toothbrush and razor are still missing from Matt's befores last night. Swear loudly, then give up.
10pm: Go to bed. Sleep like log.*

*At this point, this one is pure fantasizing on my part. I apologise

Everyone smile and say "PARKOUR!".

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