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15 April 201103:08PMlife

Here is an actual conversation.
Me: I didn't know why they were called 'freeways' until we went to Europe.
Matt: Why?
Me: Because they're free. As opposed to motorways. Which are not.
Matt: Like the Autobahns!
Me: Yeah... The only thing that changes in different European countries is the bit after the 'auto'. So in France, they're autoroutes, and in Italy, they're autostradas.
Matt: Autostrata-what?
Me: Autostrada. It's Italian for road. Or something.
Matt: So what are they called in England?
Me: Um, motorways maybe?
Matt: Oh yeah. Duh.
Me: Oh wait, wait. Ask me again.
Matt: Uh... what are they called in England?
Me: Carparks. Snap!
Matt: Yeah, that would've been funnier if you hadn't asked me to ask again.
Me: Yeah, it probably would've.

Stuff to take on Prosh next year:

We went to see Paul today. It was a bit less snarky and parody-ing (which for some reason I want to call parodyxical. Or parodic.) than Frost and Pegg's usual offerings, and a bit more American-Road-Trippy. Only a bit though. And the stand-out of the movie by far is when they walk into the bar with the band playing (I won't say any more cause of spoilers. If you go to see it, you'll know what I mean.) Had our entire row laughing out loud. Brilliant stuff.

Which reminds me, we totally haven't been to the movies for ages. We should do that more.

I tried to get a job today, at a fairly new bar type place. The waitress who told me to come in misrepresented the job a little. I thought I could get by with 2 years at Woolies and an RSA. Turns out they were looking for 4+ plate carrying wine experts with multiple years of experience in hospitality. So that was a little embarrassing.


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