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Will someone please tell me why this is supposed to be funny?

05 April 201104:08PMrants

I don't make a habit of writing angry rants on here, much less angry rants about things on the internet, as I generally take anything I see online with a healthy heaping helping of humour. I mean, if you're getting mad about something on the internet, you're doing it wrong, right?

Yeah, well, to hell with that. I just got sent this video. Go ahead. Watch it. All the way to the end. I dare you.

Ostensibly, this trash is humourous, though I can't for the life of me fathom why. Yes, we know speech synthesis software sounds weird. Yes, 8-bit music is cute. Yes, a moonbase sim is a little odd, though nowhere near as odd as some of the sims you see out there. But none of this is inherently humourous, certainly not since it's all been done before, and much much better. I mean, what this video basically boils down to is some apparently randomly chosen gameplay footage with people typing the same three random things into a speech generator layered on top with an annoying chiptune loop layered on top of that. The thing has no coherence, no structure - hell, it's difficult to even say it has any content worth mentioning. How is it supposed to be _funny? _

Is this seriously what counts for humour on the internet these days? It was hardly a fountain of wit to begin with, but at least it had a shred or two of dignity. This tripe is degrading to everyone who watches it, to anyone who values humour, and if you find it funny, you're almost certainly brain dead. Once upon a time, viral video was synonymous with wit, or home videos, or adorable cats. Whereas this? This crap makes rickrolling look mature and riotously original. Yelling 'POOP' out loud is funnier than this- at least you understand the implication. The reaction to this is just 'wut.'. Not 'WUT?!' as in "that was totally outrageous" or 'wut?' as in "that was hilarious but nonsensical". 'wut.' as in "I don't understand, and I just wasted 2 minutes of my life on something totally pointless". Maybe the sheer what-the-f***ery is supposed to be funny. Maybe this reaction is what's supposed to happen. Maybe the thing is an incredibly cutting and snarky deconstruction of what it takes to be a viral web video - just assemble some random elements and bam, 200k views! Oho! How meta! How bitingly observant! I say good internet sir, look, your culture could be cranked out of a random number generator attached to a movie editor! Insightful commentary indeed!

But somehow, I doubt that's what's going on here.

I just lost a significant proportion of my faith in the internet. There are people doing truly amazing things out there, and rubbish like this gets thousands of views. I have no doubt that 4chan was involved somewhere along the line, even if just as an incubator for the kind of witless, moronic personality which would find this funny, but I'll save my rant about that particular orifice of the internet for another time. It's disheartening, that's all. Essentially, what I'm trying to say here, is that the internet just jumped the shark. Shame on you, etc. I'll get over it, and it's probably just the late night writing, but... really? Really? This is total crap.

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