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Ring Ring!

31 May 201102:18AMchat hear that? That's the sound of me, phoning in an entry.

Seriously though, I've got a thing which I'm working on, decidedly blog- related, which is taking up a fair bit of my time. No, I can't say what it is. It's a secret.

Also exams and a 2k word essay and etc.

So in lieu of actual content, here are some extracts from #DERP1101, which is an IRC channel on the UCC server which we mostly use for making snarky comments about physics lectures. I make no claim as to whether they are actually funny or not.

I'm going to hide them away behind one of these 'read more' things because a) there's rather a lot of them, and b) they aren't actually that entertaining.

Real Contentâ„¢ coming soon. Srsly. It'll be awesome.

13:47 < bendy> Morgan, Open up a terminal and type 'alias nano vi' 13:48 < bendy> exit

Ben, that's horrible. At least it would be, if I hadn't already symlinked /usr/bin/vi to /usr/bin/nano :P

13:55 < haydosss> hi again 13:57 < haydosss> anyone? 13:59 @rocky hey 13:59 @rocky did you give up and leave 13:59 @rocky ? 13:59 @rocky i do that a lot 14:00 @rocky someotimes i write these massive extended one-sided conversations 14:00 @rocky it's quite amusig 14:00 @rocky at least i assume so 14:01 @rocky probably in the way a train wreck is amusing 14:36 < haydosss> yeah 14:36 < haydosss> I did 14:36 < haydosss> but now you've probably done the same thing 14:37 < haydosss> so I think it might go on like this for a while 14:37 < haydosss> because I'l' get bored soon 14:37 < haydosss> and forget about the chat room 14:38 < haydosss> cause I was about 30mins late 14:38 < haydosss> so if you are that long then I'll be in my tute and unable to respond 14:39 < haydosss> or be offline 14:39 < haydosss> which will be more likely 14:39 < haydosss> cause i'll have to pack up my laptop 14:39 < haydosss> so yeah... 14:39 < haydosss> stuff

9:59 -!- ChanServ [ChanServ@services.local] has left #DERP1101 [] 10:01 @flac ?? 10:01 @rocky ass 10:01 @rocky * 10:01 @rocky aww 10:01 @rocky i liked that guy 10:02 @rocky he was my friend 10:02 @rocky i'm sad that he left 10:02 @flac he was quite a talkative fellow 10:02 @flac always got a converstation going 10:02 @flac man of the party

(In case this confuses you, ChanServ is the channel admin bot. And no, we have no idea why he left.)

16:28 @rocky LIAM 16:28 @rocky YOU AREN'T HERE 16:28 @rocky BUT I'M GOING TO YELL ANYWAY 16:28 @rocky WHY IS THE MINECRAFT SERVAR DOWN

13:12 -!- bendy [] has joined #DERP1101 13:12 < bendy> Anyone not idling here? 13:18 < bendy> Thought so 13:18 -!- bendy [] has left #DERP1101 []

Poor Ben... nobody's ever online.

10:06 @rocky meteorite = moon rocks??? 10:06 @flac nah 10:06 @rocky aww. 10:07 @flac meteorite is used for invisbility 10:07 @rocky i cant beleive he wasted perfectly good meteor rock like that 10:07 @rocky he could've made meteor armour

Portal 2 / Terraria crossover there. That doesn't sound awesome at all.

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