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First Semester Projection Analysis Spreadsheets!

02 June 201107:47AMlife

Today's the end of my first semester of uni. I've just handed in my last assignment (a 2000 word classics essay, if you're wondering). I'm sitting in the library, feeling pretty good, all ready to do the vague retrospective account type thing which my finely honed blag instincts (ha!) tell me I should be writing right about now. So, without further ado, here's what I did this semester.

Work-wise, and apparently everything else-wise as well, it's been a fairly chilled semester then. Which was great. I coasted through, getting reasonable marks. I played a lot of video games. I reinstalled my OS, twice (a sure sign of having too much time). I went to the movies more in the space of 13 weeks than I think I had in the last 2 years put together. I even went to some parties.

It was cool. I enjoyed it.

Probably wouldn't do it again, though.

See, I figure that if I'm doing this course with a significantly smaller time commitment than my engineering brethren, it's highly irresponsible of me to just gap-filler that time. I reckon I should put it to use, doing other things. It doesn't matter which other things. Just as long as they're actual things, and not just... stuff. You know what I mean. And I'm thinking blogging this stuff will probably be pretty key in maintaining commitment, because writing things on the internet is LIEK OMG SRS COMITTMENT.

So... watch this space. It's gonna be... let's go with 'mildly interesting'. Wait, no. That's a terrible commitment. Why would I want to commit to being mildly interesting? This place is already mildly interesting enough without me making it more mild. Let's try that again.

Watch this space. It's gonna be awesome.

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