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Relocation initiation application notification

15 June 201110:22AMmeta


Of Blogspot.

You probably already noticed, but in case you didn't, we (I keep wanting to say 'we've moved', but there's clearly only one of me here) I've done some netwizardry and The Eyrie is now at That's right! A real, proper, webpage! The old address should still work, with a redirect, but you should update your bookmarks just the same. I also went ahead and changed the feed over to Feedburner, which shouldn't have any effect on you since it's a backend thing, but you may have to re-subscribe if you're reading this in a feed reader (but really, who still uses one of them?)

One negative repercussion is that until Google catches up, I may have lost all my Google juice (not that I had much to start off with) so if you were one of those people who Google my name and/or one of my post titles every time (I know there's at least one of you, my stats tab tells me so.)... Um. How do I put this. There are these things, called bookmarks... you may have heard of them? Use one. Right now. Go on, I'm watching.


That was all (I had an English exam today, but I don't want to talk about it.), so, yes. Sorry for the interruption, and we now return you to your scheduled service. Or lack thereof. You know what I mean.

< SHOCKING DISCOVERY Video editing, in case you didn't already know, is gloriously, amazingly, brilliantly time-consuming. This one, for example, took me about six hours to film and edit (not including having to wrestle codecs and stuff), which is six hours which I didn't have to spend studying! Which is just amazing. >